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My Sade Story Part 2 by Paul Cooke (Sample)

My sade story part 2


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New Media in Cyberspace Kindle Edition (also available at

new media

After spending the last twenty years working in many positions within the music industry, as of the start of my degree studies I have been in a privileged position to monitor and record the major upheaval that is currently ensuing throughout the new media industry of the present day. From 1997 on-wards I have tracked the developments within new media distribution via the Internet and have followed with interest the revolution and phenomenons that have followed. This thesis tries in part to address the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a phenomenon that has started to re-shape how we communicate and distribute information to each other. This process of new media distribution, which has had a cathartic and sometimes revolutionary feel to its movement, has not at present been resolved and I have tried to understand both sides of the argument from the consumer to industry professionals.

Music Industry Analysis 1999-2003 Kindle Edition

music industry analysis

Introduction: Paul Cooke formed one of the biggest bands in the 1980’s Sade, and continued to work in the music industry throughout the 80’s and the 90’s in various incarnations from experimental music maker to digital record label owner and music publisher. As well as an elected Director of PAMRA Ltd in London, England at around the same time period that he wrote these articles. In 1997 as a part of his Multimedia Degree studied in England he wrote for the online music magazine, Music Dish based in NYC, USA. The articles featured in this work are taken from those articles published by TagItMedia Inc, between 1999 and 2003. Paul’s dissertation ‘New Media in Cyberspace’ as presented to Lincoln University in 2000 can also be found published online at Music Dish as well as currently available online via Amazon in paperback and ebook format. If you want further reading on the subject of digital media, the music industry and the evolution of a music distribution model that changed the face of the music industry forever then please visit the Amazon website for further details. .

Eden 12 Kindle Edition

eden 12

Many millions of years after the planet earth was totally destroyed by human beings a new species has evolved underground and now dominates the planet. This is the story of human evolution and one scenario of how the future could be and how the new species of creatures would adapt and dominate all around them. But are they alone on the planet and are they really in control? This is the first part in the series with more to come from the author Paul Cooke former founder and drummer from the 80’s group Sade. .

My 1980’s Pride, Sade and Esposito Photo Book: A photographic journey from the 1980’s club scene. (My Sade Story) Kindle Edition


My Sade Story Part 1: Sade a journey through the London club scene in the 1980’s Kindle Edition (also available at

my sade story part 1

 My Sade Story Part 2 Kindle Edition (also available at

My sade story part 2

Diamond Life: Introduction – My Sade Story Part 3 Kindle Edition

My sade story part 3